Illegal sales and counterfeit goods

Genuine MotoGP Race Care products are only available from authorised dealers. This is for a number of very good reasons, as stated below:

MotoGP Race Care products should only be applied by trained professionals. Application carried out by anyone untrained could result in a substandard level of protection and effectiveness.

MotoGP Race Care products are chemical products and therefore, for health and safety reasons, should only be applied by trained professionals.

Application by anyone other than a trained professional, working for an authorised dealer, would result in the product guarantee being null and void.

Products procured from anywhere other than an authorised dealer could be stolen, counterfeit, outside of their recommended shelf life, damaged or substandard. When dealing with a chemical product, any of the above could be dangerous.

If you see any MotoGP Race Care products being made available from a source other than an authorised dealer, please do not purchase them. Please do however notify us using any of the following methods of communication:

E-mail Ultimotive at

Call Ultimotive on 01206 827755

Contact Trading Standards directly on 08454 040506

It is vital that we are able to trace and report these illegal sellers to Trading Standards to ensure that Williams branded Ceramic Paint Protection products are only ever supplied in a safe, traceable and legal manner.

We thank you for your support.

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